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Although we purchase the tumblers we use directly from Starbucks locations, we are not in any way, shape, or form in partnership with Starbucks or selling their logo as our own. Milklia sells customized drinkware, therefore we are selling the artistic touch that we add to each tumbler. These customs cannot be found in stores and are not affiliated with the Starbucks company in any way.

Store Policy

Terms of Use and Conditions/Store Policies 

By using and purchasing through this site, you automatically acknowledge and agree to our terms and policies. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

ORDERS PROCESSING TIME: Unless stated otherwise in the description box below the product, our processing time is typically an estimated business weeks/ 60 business days during normal operations. We will always pack your order as quickly and as safely as possible, but please be prepared to wait 8 business weeks/ 60 business days to receive a shipping email from us. If you are ordering with the exceptions that you will receive your package sooner than our stated processing time then please wait until we offer a ready to ship sell or purchase our "rush my order" add on. Our work days are Monday-Fridays 7am-5pm, we do not work on weekends or holidays. We ask that customers also understand that this business is ran by one person, small delays may occur that could potentially stretch our processing time out up to 2 weeks, if such circumstances arise we will communicate that with effected customers as best as we can.

MULTIPLE ORDERS: Unless told otherwise and to avoid confusion, we do not combine orders if they are from the same customer. Orders placed separately will be shipped separately to the address associated with the individual order.



ORDER CANCELATION: After your order is placed you will have a 1hr grace period to alter or cancel your order free of charge. All orders requested to be canceled after our 1hr grace period will be subjected to a 50% charge that will not be refunded, this percentage will increase by 10% for every 1-week period that goes by after the grace period is over. We reserve the right to cancel any unshipped order(s). If we need to make a change or adjustment to your order we will contact you up to 3 times on 3 separate occasions, if we do not hear anything from you we reserve the right to cancel or make adjustments to your order and you will not be refunded. Milklia LLC is not responsible for making sure that customers read their emails. If customers use profanity, demands against our policies, or disrespect they will be at risk of having their order(s) canceled, if cancelation happens due to this you will not be eligible for a refund.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: We do charge a shipping and handling fee for each order. Orders under $35 USD will be charged a $6.99 shipping fee, orders over $35 USD will be charged a $10.99 shipping fee. As we are a small business we cannot provide Amazon-like shipping rates or shipping speed. We try our best to keep shipping prices as low as possible, thank you for your understanding.

RETURNED PACKAGE/REFUSED PACKAGE: If a customer's package is returned to us due to an insufficient address the customer will be responsible for paying for shipping fee again and any additional fees attached to the package. The customer will have 7 days to provide new a new shipping address or update their current one such as add an apartment or suit number. We will contact the customer once we receive the returned package, if we do not receive any communication back from the customer the package will be considered forfeited and no refund will be given. If the customer refuses to pick up their package at the post office and it is returned back to us, absolutely under any circumstances will no refund will be given. 

CUSTOMER CONTACT INFORMATION: We may need to contact you about your order at any given time. We will contact the customer 3 separate times on 3 separate occasions to try to communicate with the customer so that we can move forward. If proper contact information is not provided, we are not responsible for any issues that may arise with your order. We reserve the right to cancel or alter an order due to no-response or non compliance, if cancelation happens you will not be refunded. Milklia LLC is not responsible for ensuring that customers read their emails. 

RETURN OF ENERGY POLICY: If we are the first to contact customers about anything we will always do so in a respectful tone. Whatever tone the customer replies in will the tone we respond in. If customers reach out to us for any reason and the tone or context of their email is disrespectful towards us we will match the customers tone in our response. For no reason is a customer allowed to call us out of name (referring to us in anyway other than Milkllia or the name of the representative they are communicating with), use profanity towards us, demand for us to go against our policies, our use our email inbox as an outlet for their frustrations. We will always handle conversations with respect until given a reason not to which is but not limited to anything listed in the previous sentence. Although we will try to deescalate, whatever tone customers respond to us or contact us in will be matched. Disrespectful customers are at risk of having their order(s) canceled, if cancelation happens after we try to deescalate the customer's order will not be refunded. We are not punching bags for upset customers nor will we allow said customers to disrespect our employees.

US CUSTOMER SHIPPING INFORMATION: Currently our shipping costs are determined by the cost of the order. You will have the option to choose between USPS shipping or UPS, which ever you chose your shipping cost will not change. After your order has shipped please allow up to 7-days for your package to deliver to the address that you provided us.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: These orders fall between US and International law. We are accepting most international orders. International customers are responsible for all duties, taxes and fees. Transit times may be extended to 4+ weeks. Milklia LLC is not responsible for your order once it is dropped off to USPS. Milklia LLC is also not responsible for any extended transit time or inconsistent tracking. We do not add freebies in international orders as they may not be accepted in the other countries we ship to. your order contents will be packed as securely as possible to ensure that your order will endure the transit to you. 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PRICES: International orders are charged a $20 flat rate shipping cost.


International orders are shipped with USPS and USPS only. This service is very reliable but not without risk. These packages can have inconsistent tracking updates. If a package is is damaged, lost, or stolen, we are unlikely to be reimbursed by USPS. Therefore we must reiterate that Milklia LLC is not responsible for your package once it is accepted at USPS.

Hawaii/Alaska: Orders shipping to Hawaii or Alaska will be shipped through USPS. If the customer prefers their order to be shipped through UPS instead then they are responsible for the extra shipping charge.

DAMAGED ITEMS: If your items arrive damaged, please capture photo documentation/proof of the damage this includes, but is not limited to, photo documentation of the damaged contents or the box that it arrived in. After you capture documentation/proof please contact Milklia LLC and the delivery company immediately. We will file a claim on the customers behalf but we will need proof and documentation from the customer to file a claim.

MISSING PACKAGES: Again, please note that Milklia LLC is not responsible for a package once it is dropped off at the delivery company. We are not responsible for the rate that your package is scanned into the shipping carriers system.  We are not responsible for a package that has been shown delivered by the delivery company but is missing to you. We are not obligated to offer a refund or replacement of any sort if your order is missing, delayed, or you move locations before the package is delivered. Porch/Mail Theft is becoming more and more prevalent and it is not the responsibility of Milklia LLC to replace or reimburse any missing packages. If you believe that your package is legitimately missing via the delivery company, please contact the delivery company as they are best equipped to locate your package.

Please understand that we are a small business and cannot be responsible for packages that show delivered but go missing. The provided information is not to just to remove ourselves from liability but is the result of the fact that we also have no recourse to resolve the situation financially. 

Product refunds: (This only applies for physical items) After your order is placed you will have a 1hr grace period to cancel or alter your order. After this grace period ends, if you request a refund you will be subjected to a nonrefundable 50% of your order's total cost, this charge will increase by 10% for each 1-week period that goes by after the grace period. After your order has been shipped you will no longer be able to request a refund. A refund will not be given once the customer's order has been shipped or they have received their tracking number. We also do not offer refunds if the customer no longer likes the design, wants to exchange product for something else, or no longer want the product. 

GENERAL PRODUCT WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS: It is the responsibility of the user of the products to use the product properly. If a snowglobe tumbler cracks in anyway and the customer still chooses to use it, Milklia LLC, the shipping company, or the blank cup's manufacture is not responsible for injuries or accidents that may occur.

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