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Espresso Love V-Day Collection 

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Why us

Here at Milklia, we pride ourselves on being different and providing our customers with truly unique handcrafted drinkware. We specialize in gemstone lids with each gem being placed and secured individually. Milklia spends ample hours crafting each customized tumbler and cold cup to ensure perfection and individualism. Our customized tumblers and cold cups are extremely durable and can handle deep scrubs and some falls. Sip your drinks in style and the security that your drinkware has been handcrafted with love and precision.

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Disclosure and Store Policy

Although we purchase the tumblers we use directly from Starbucks locations, we are not in any way, shape, or form in partnership with Starbucks or selling their logo as our own. Milklia sells customized drinkware, therefore we are selling the artistic touch (a service) that we add to each tumbler . These customs cannot be found in stores and are not affiliated with the Starbucks company in any way.

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